voice assistant

The technologies of the future : Smart voice assistant

what is smart voice assistant? Prepare to meet with Voice Assistant everywhere. At this time, we can begin to see smart voice assistants that can be ordered indoors and outdoors. Such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or a colorful one like Apple Siri. Voice Assistant innovations


“L’Oréal” unveils “Perso” AI devices for consumers

Get to know L’Oréal Perso in the digital age, there is no business that cannot be disrupted. including the beauty industry that has been born with “Beauty Tech” . Business that adapts and creates a new business model. Like the “L’Oréal Group” (L’Oréal) today, don’t limit yourself to being a

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The top smart wallet for the forgotten young man

Smart wallet is made for Cashless society people. The convenience of the online world It is dangerous too. Wouldn’t it be better if you could carry a smart wallet without fear of getting lost? Don’t be afraid to forget Or accidentally left it somewhere.  It also helps to keep

2021 technology

7 technology trends for 2021 that anyone can learn

1. AI and Machine Learning           AI  or Artificial Intelligence is technology trends for 2021. That is like the brain that insert in technology and innovations so that they can work. It is analyze data automatically without control and Machine Learning is the brain of AI. It is


Increase work efficiency by adjusting “Workflow”

Nowaday workflow is repesent how work efficiency. If we want to increase the efficiency of work or increase output to the business, workflow improvement or processes is a top priority. That we have to take into account. Because workflow improvements can help people work. Can work more efficiently