Working from home’ saves Google $ 10 billion a year

Working from home’ saves Google $ 10 billion a year. By removing restrictions from COVID-19 In many areas, more and more people are returning to book their travel and hotels online. This is good for Google’s advertising business. However, Google employees still work from home and do not travel to the company as much. And that’s good for Google’s business.

Working from home

In the first quarter, Alphabet Inc. The parent company of the search engine mogul. The cost of travel and entertainment was saved by the company by US $ 268 million or 8.3 billion baht compared to the same period a year earlier. “Much of this is due to COVID-19,” Alphabet said in a filing with the Stock Exchange.

If this figure is taken into account for the whole year.It means that Google will save at least US $ 1 billion per year. At least 31 billion baht. Indeed, Alphabet said in an annual report earlier this year that Advertising and promotion spending dropped $ 1.4 billion, or $ 45 billion, in 2019, as it halted campaign-related spending. As well as make a new schedule or convert some activities to digital format only. As a result of a pandemic.

Working from home This savings offset the huge cost of hiring thousands of additional workers.

 At the same time, with careful management. Google was able to effectively maintain its marketing and administrative expenses in the first quarter, despite a 34% increase in revenue.

Google is famous for its benefits. To staff a lot. Including massage tables, various meals As well as recreation places. Google’s policies have had a large influence on Silicon Valley’s working culture.

However, Google plans to return to office later this year. But that doesn’t mean everyone will be back to work. Although Google will be using a ‘hybrid’ model with less crowded staff spacing and even less office use by Google. But there is also confirmation from the Chief Financial Officer that Google will continue to invest in real estate around the world.