How to use salary it until next month.

   For working people. The main problems that often arise. The salary is not up front and back. Salary is out, it’s all used up both credit card payments Pay for accommodation, car installments, water bills, electricity bills and miscellaneous expenses. Until you don’t have to ask if you have any money left to save. Therefore if the salaryman. Who wants to have enough salary until the new salary day.Has some tips on how to survive. 

   Split money daily.

          From the salary received If you want to use it until the next salary Should bring all available balance to divide the number of days remaining, for example 10,000 baht divided by 30 days, equal to 333 baht per day (plus a little minus) and put all 30 separate envelopes together with the date marked. too Then take it and use it every day until the end of the month. If any day there is money left to drop the jar Or you can combine it with the next day’s envelope.

 Stock up in the supermarket.

          Household items, dry food, and other things that need to be bought at home on a regular basis. Should go to the supermarket to buy and stock up from the paycheck period. In order not to have to have fussy expenses in this section to encroach on the money in the middle of the month. Plus buying a lot of stuff at the same time may get an additional discount. Or give you dry food and instant noodles Wait for life during the countdown, waiting for a new salary to come out as well.  Although credit cards can help make life more comfortable. But do not forget that the main goal of the credit card business is the interest on your spending. Therefore if it is not necessary are sure.

save money

 Drop a classic jar.

          Although it’s a long-standing classic, and only kids will enjoy dropping a jar. But do not forget that adults like us can use this method to help collect money as well. especially the scraps of coins received each day If brought to drop a jar every time you get home Guarantee that when the money runs out, it can be exciting to pick out and spend it.  Of course, working hard, everyone wants to try delicious food to recharge themselves. But do not forget that if you eat every day at the beginning of the month. Until the end of the month, life will be difficult for sure. So it’s best to plan early, such as allowing yourself to eat at expensive restaurants one day a week, then 25-30 servings a week, or even better if you can do it yourself. That’s it, you can roughly determine your monthly expenses.

    If you want to buy big items, choose 0% installment plan.

          salaryman who needs big items, big prices, whether it’s high-tech equipment, TVs, washing machines, etc., and knows that if you wait to collect money, you probably won’t have a chance to buy it. Try using the card. The credit is held to benefit. By exploring the 0% installment promotion and choosing to buy this way is probably the best solution. because in addition to not having to pay interest can also be divided So it doesn’t affect salary too much, but it’s slow! Remember to swipe when necessary. and pay every baht in installments on time only.according to report by ufabet