Tips to change addictive behaviors

Tips to change addictive behaviors.It can not deny that the curiosity of other people and wanting to show off your own life. It is a part that is hidden in the subconscious of every human being. Even today in life It is easier for us to follow other people’s lives. Show off your own life more easily. Because of the use of social media and the influence of the internet Until some people get sick as social media is quite toxic.

Tips to change addictive behaviors

Fear of Missing Out

This symptom is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It is a symptom of people who have a craving to know what the world is going on all the time, simply called “Fear of Missing Out”. Nowadays normal The factor comes from the social media dominance of our lives too much. It leads to a way of life that deteriorates, bad mental health, stress and so much more.

This symptom is very easy to observe. Is someone who picks up a mobile phone all the time Because it felt like a notification Every time you hold your phone, you have to plow the feed to update the lives of those around you. Check other people’s stories every hour. Tend to concentrate, mind concentrating on the mobile phone Because they wait for various notifications so they can be sure they will open up and watch them in time And don’t miss anything important. Including having to update your life on social media Take pictures of everything Check in everywhere, something like this.

Statistics of internet and social media usage of Thai people are not lost in any country in the world. Information of Facebook users around the world By language usage, it was found that “Thai” ranked 12th in the world with 55 million active accounts. Thailand ranks 13th in the world with 7.5 million active accounts.

Turn on offline mode.

At first, it might feel like it’s going to go red. But must be patient Before the physical and mental health of itself becomes even worse. The absence of any notifications pops up on the screen all the time. Will greatly reduce the agitation and anxiety Then try to manage your time and limit your use of social media. From the check feed every 10 minutes moved to half an hour. It was an hour and a while to get to know the stories that happened in time for the villagers

Handwrite notes

Back in the days when mobile phones were not as smart and versatile as they are today. And not easily connected to the internet We can still be together. Just try to stop your hand from pressing the status type. Then return to the original way by writing down what you think in your diary instead. It will be grateful for good things, to complain in life, or to gossip with anyone. This is a real private space. Only we know Stress will be reduced and reduced. Stop taking pictures of everything you do. Check in wherever you go Update a story until it is an ellipsis. It’s like being afraid of others who don’t know where they are and what they are doing. Will help calm the mind

Turn to the person next to you

Took when I used to look down to the mobile screen, fingers to feed and interact more with those around me. Looking for someone who is very close to you. Try to find activities to do together Take a moment, put your ufabet phone away. Will reduce the time of plowing the screen down a lot or try to find a hobby that you like to do. But do not let yourself sit idle, lonely, nothing to do during the change of behavior is strictly prohibited. Because it would be too difficult.