Tips for eating durian to not get fat and stay healthy.

Durian the king of fruits that is popular with many people. It is a fruit that is known to be high in sugar and calories. But the sweet, delicious taste of durian It is therefore very difficult to resist eating. Therefore, we should know how to eat to not get fat and have good health .

Choosing to eat durian is not good. Because durian that is too ripe will have a lot of sugar.

You should not eat more than 2 medium sized tablets per day (weighing approximately 80 grams) and you should not eat frequently every day. Because if you eat too much. UFABET It can result in a sore throat, heartburn, and excess weight.

You should avoid eating with coconut milk. Because sugar from durian, sticky rice and fat from coconut milk. May result in obesity and internal heat symptoms. And you should reduce food in the rice-flour group by 1 ladle and dessert in meals that eat durian.

You may eat durian with mangosteen. Information from the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine states that mangosteen is a fruit. It has a cooling effect that helps resist the heat caused by eating. And mangosteen is high in dietary fiber. Contains anti-inflammatory substances to help Relieves internal heat and still has a large amount of water. which is suitable for eating.

Durian should not be eaten together with alcoholic beverages. 

Director-General of the Department of Health said that is a food that is high in fat and carbohydrates. Alcoholic drinks are also high in energy. When eating together with alcoholic beverages The body will receive too much energy. Causes blood sugar levels to rise quickly. Resulting in the process Metabolism to eliminate waste increases. In addition, the sulfuric acid in durian reduces enzymes that remove toxins from the metabolic process. If you have health problems or chronic diseases. It may cause symptoms such as flushing, numbness, dizziness, and vomiting.