Fiber good things are useful.

Fiber is a food that is beneficial to the body. Especially for people who are constipated and difficult to pass. Or want to lose weight Dietary fiber can help support your willpower. And today, for clarity, we will bring you to know about. Including checking the list of foods that are high in soluble.

          Fiber is known to be abundant in fruits and vegetables. But what many people still may not know is divided into two types:

1. Insoluble

          Insoluble fiber that absorbs a lot of water. makes you feel full quickly but when in the intestines. Insoluble fiber binds to the stool. Because it does not decompose in the colon and can still bind with water in the intestines. As a result, the stool content increases and softens the stool. therefore able to excrete easily and quickly UFABET

2. Soluble

          Soluble fiber has viscous properties. because it can decompose with food in the stomach. It looks like a viscous gel. Makes it move slowly to the intestines resulting in a feeling of fullness for longer and encourages. The body to control sugar levels well. In addition, soluble is useful in reducing the absorption of fat in food. It has properties to reduce fat levels in the blood as well.