Benefits of lotus seeds.

Lotus seeds are the part of the seed that is inside the lotus pod. It is considered a type of cereal that has high nutritional value, comparable to cereals in the legume family. But while cereals and beans like almonds or pecans. There will be nutrients such as good fatty acids. High in omega-3 fatty acids

Good for weight loss.

Because lotus seeds are grains that are high in fiber. Therefore helping to feel full for a longer time. Helps reduce appetite for subsequent meals, preventing you from overindulging in calories. Moreover, lotus seeds are considered a low-calorie food. UFABET For those who are in the process of controlling their daily calorie intake. Eating lotus seeds as a snack will help you feel full, you won’t be hungry as often, and it won’t cause your calories to skyrocket.

Anti aging.

Lotus seeds contain an enzyme that is beneficial in fighting aging called L-Isoaspartyl Methyltransferase. Which is an enzyme that has properties in maintaining and repairing damaged proteins. And stimulate the creation of collagen in the body. For this reason, in the cosmetic industry or skin care products, lotus seed extract is used for its properties in skin care and wrinkles.

Good for heart health.

Magnesium in lotus seeds is a beneficial nutrient and helps reduce the risk of heart health. Because magnesium will help increase the amount of oxygen and stimulate the flow of blood and nutrients. Allows blood to flow to the heart and other parts. in the body better But if the body has low levels of magnesium, there is a risk of chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis or heart disease.

Good for diabetic patients.

Diabetic patients need to pay close attention to their blood sugar levels regularly. If your blood sugar level spikes, it can affect your health. Therefore, it is important for people with diabetes to choose nutritious foods to help maintain blood sugar levels within normal limits. Lotus seeds are low in calories and high in fiber, thus helping to keep blood glucose levels at a normal level. It also helps prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high.