Apple is developing a “smart contact lens”

Apple is developing a “smart contact lensMing-Chi Kuo , an analyst products, Apple said earlier it predicted that Apple may launch the device VR / AR a head (which did not come out), the last Ming-Chi Kuo also provide further details, saying the company ‘s. Apple aiming to launch “Contact lenses” in virtual reality around the year 2030, which will be the beginning of the era where we can use computers without seeing the machine anymore.

smart contact lens

Kuo goes on to explain that Expected within the lens will not reach the size of the processor chip. Or memory capacity But it will use a connection to a device such as an iPhone or other devices, but there is not much details about this product. It was just an idle talk.

Hows the smart contact lens?

The smart contact lens added that Roughly features of the lens will be lightweight. And can be used without the use of other equipment, headphones, simply speaking, is the use of a virtual image overlaying the real image again (ufabet), for example. Users walking at outdoor malls can see the virtual closing and opening images rising from each store. (I hope that I won’t be showing ads over and over again)