5 ways to protect your eyes

5 ways to protect your eyes when exposed to bright light from the computer screen. Most of the office workers have to use computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones to work, and a total of at least 7-8 hours a day, and in addition to working hours. They also use these electronic devices. This is to watch series, play games or use to watch things. to relieve stress.

5 ways to protect your eyes

Focusing on a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone screen For a long time, there will be bad results. And the longer the day, the more it causes eye problems, whether it is burning eyes, eye pain, blurred vision, dry eyes, eye fatigue or may cause eye diseases such as degenerative eye disease short-sightedness – astigmatism and macular degeneration

But with today’s work and life, we can’t avoid the use of electronics. However, we should find ways to protect our eyes. To maintain and prolong the life of good eyesight that can stay with us for a long time This can be done in 5 ways as follows:

1. Blink your eyes more often.

Staring at a computer screen or phone makes us blink less. And less blinking will result in dry eyes. Normally, a person blinks 20 to 22 times per minute, but when staring at a computer screen, it is only 6 to 8 times per minute. Therefore, we should remind ourselves to blink more often. Or you can use artificial tears in your eyes to add moisture.

2. Rest your eyes

After every 1 hour of work, we should change our posture by getting up and stretching, resting our eyes, looking for green plants. Look out into the distance for 10-20 seconds, then come back to take a closer look. Doing alternately several times will help relieve eyes from fatigue as well.

3. Position the computer properly.

The placement of the computer screen also affects. Therefore, we should arrange it accordingly. Provide a distance between the screen and us about 50-70 cm. The screen level to the eye level about 4-9 inches from the floor or computer desk. The monitor should not be placed too high or too low.

4. Choose the right glasses.

Currently, there are glasses that are made specifically to filter the light from the screen. If anyone is already wearing eyeglasses, they should choose lenses or glasses that have the ability to block radiation from the screen added as well. In addition, using light green lenses will help you feel comfortable. and reduce glare from the screen as well

5. Adjust the brightness of the room.

The lighting in the office should be adjusted accordingly. not too bright or too dark In addition, computer monitors should be placed so that they do not reflect sunlight. To reduce reflections on the screen, which can have a negative effect on the eyes. And avoid using furniture with a reflective surface, such as a white table. It is better to use materials with a less reflective matte finish.