What is technology and what are the functions of the system?

Technology is the use of factors that are important to blend together: knowledge, equipment, ideas, principles, techniques, methods, processes, including the introduction of science. Modern invention including various methods to be applied to make a better change. It is also a way to increase both efficiency. And effectiveness more than ever before.

In the past, both science and technology has come into becoming more important. Until creating many new innovations, including learning, producing. As well as taking advantage of new ideas. Resulting in both economic, social, political, environmental and cultural effects. The arrival of technology makes human society. Growing up to become a more complex society without borders to throw together.

‘Globalization’ is moving quickly into many countries. Which comes from the combination of 4 bodies of knowledge, namely electronics, computers, telecommunications, news. Enabling all countries of the world to exchange knowledge and communicate with each other quickly. Enabling them to manage anytime including the economic buy-sell investment. Including making financial UFABET transactions quickly.

System of technology.

The ‘system’ consists of three parts: Input , Process , Output. Need to have a relationship for example. Wastewater treatment system with Input is ‘waste water’. Which comes from industrial plants. Which must be brought through the Process for proper treatment until the result is clear, clean water that has been treated.

The technology system It is a man-made system to solve problems as well as bring to meet the needs. from the use of technology It is divided into 5 parts which are…

  • Input is a problem that needs to be solved or human will.
  • The technological process is the process of solving problems or responding to human demands. by using technological resources to achieve the desired productivity
  • Productivity is what is obtained through the use of technology. or the desired end result obtained from the problem solving process. which this type of product may be a work piece Sometimes it can be a method.
  • Technological resources are necessary for solving problems. in order to obtain the final result Technology resources can be divided into 7 items: human, information, tools, energy, capital-asset and time.
  • There are many factors that hinder technology. It’s all limitations, considerations, and things to keep in mind. It will make the solution to have different results such as low cost, limited time. Lack of knowledge, expertise, including lack of skills