What is AI technology ?

What is AI technology ? Artificial intelligence Also known as AI technology is to make computers capable of being similar to humans. or imitating human behavior that has it all It is software that is used with computers. So that it can think for itself, be intelligent and manage everything on its own. Unlike normal computers that have to be controlled by humans. And with this amazing genius that made it called artificial intelligence.

What is AI technology ?

AI technology is a new technology. That developers around the world are paying attention and watching. Because it is the entry that has contributed to the rapid change in the world. Even today, artificial intelligence is unable to think, read and do everything by itself. And it still relies on humans to input data or enter formulas to achieve amazing results. But in the future, we will definitely see the evolution of this technology that makes our lives more comfortable.

Even though it looks far away now And it’s far away, but do you know that it’s true? 

And this artificial intelligence is circling around us. and help make our lives easier than before for a long time whether it is a matter of detecting human faces The subject of processing who this face belongs to, like the iPhoneX, a matter of exploring the behavior of people in the social world. See who is interested in what and presenting interesting content to meet the needs of each person of Facebook or even various motion detection systems These are all AI.

AI technology is artificial intelligence that is written with code in computer enabling. It to do complex things. And smart as well. Such as playing chess well and calculate things Fast, accurate, accurate, but vice versa. The most difficult thing to develop for artificial intelligence is The basic issue that all living things have to face is the survival instinct. Which today has not been developed that much.

But even if the matter of AI looks great and how far away from us. However, in the future it can be guaranteed that everyone will have to be close. and experience this kind of technology more of course. Our world is constantly creating and developing artificial intelligence. And creeping into our daily lives more and more. Let’s take a look at how we can help us today.