UPTIS innovation, pneumatic tireSuperior safety on the road

UPTIS innovation, due to general car tires drive well only when the tire pressure is compressed into the right amount. But often problems arise from drivers who do not know for sure What is the ideal tire pressure ?! Even with the instruction manual, we have to use the car in different cases. 

The travel far and carry heavy, also drive in the rainy season. Some cannot avoid inflating when the tires are still very hot. Causing the pressure to not be shifted correctly. Many of these problems became the starting point for Michelin, global tire manufacturer and General Motors (GM) from the United States. Jointly invent a new car tire To unlock every problem with the use of inflated tires, resulting in ‘UPTIS’ or ‘ airless ‘ tires.

UPTIS is the model name for an airless car tire from Michelin.

It features hollow wheels. The designe to be a frequently stack tread. It produce with a special puncture system. Help the rubber wheels flexible. Runs well on a variety of surfaces. Whether it is the asphalt road, the ground and the rough surface. Without having to inflate Even when stepping on sharp objects such as nails, shards of glass or stone, it will not cause punctures and will not collapse (flat tires) like regular inflated tires. 

Operation of UPTIS innovation, pneumatic tire.

The manufacturer also confirmed that the pneumatic tires that were designed. It is strong, durable and supports the weight of the car with the carry-on baggage as well as general inflated tires. The main material used to manufacture this rubber is made of composite rubber, highly elastic resin rubber and embedded fiberglass plastics .

UPTIS is the evolution of tire technology. Building on the ‘Tweel’ airless wheel technology. This technology Michelin has developed in the past. Tweel focuses on its main customer segment, including ATVs, golf carts, tractors and vehicles used in the conditioning segment. Many other types of surfaces. But for UPTIS, it appears to be the first pneumatic tire. That is fully on public roads Became an innovative pneumatic tire of practical use.