Toilet Technology without sewers for help the world.

Toilet Technology without sewers is the Challenge. Interesting numbers come out that around one third of the world’s population, or about 2.3 billion people, do not have good rooms due to resource constraints, and as a result, many people eat food contaminated with waste. From human And every year, almost 1 million people die from this.

In much of the world, people do not have access to toilets and sewers. To make these places safer, innovators look for cheap, easy-to-install solutions.

Bill Gates was involved in this, saying that the Toilet Challenge is to do whatever it takes to get the toilet in a remote area. A poor or poorly piped area with a new type of toilets designed from University of South Florida Use a membrane, smaller than the back of the bacteria, to help clean and eliminate waste.

Poor sanitation kills half a million children under the age of five annually and costs $200 billion a year in healthcare costs and lost income worldwide, according to the foundation.

Gates’ foundation has committed roughly $200 million to the toilet project and expects to spend the same amount again before the toilets are viable for widespread distribution.

During a speech at an event in Beijing. Gates held up a clear jar of human feces to illustrate the importance of improving sanitation.

Toilet Technology and Another is Biomass Controls that uses heat to convert waste to be used for fertilization further.

The problem is that the Biomass Controls are suitable for large villages. That use tens of thousands of people a day. While the membrane type is suitable for very small use, making both models still not suitable. Many people are now working with Bill Gates to develop innovative ductless toilets. To be practical, cheap and can be used in general. Will have to wait and see if it will be alright.