The top smart wallet for the forgotten young man

Smart wallet is made for Cashless society people. The convenience of the online world It is dangerous too. Wouldn’t it be better if you could carry a smart wallet without fear of getting lost? Don’t be afraid to forget Or accidentally left it somewhere.
 It also helps to keep your cash and cards safe and secure. These are all features of a ‘Smart Wallet’ or a smart wallet.  Able to provide comprehensive answers to the needs of forgetful people Smart Wallet, the benefits of practicality Plus, it’s cool to carry around as well, let’s see why smart wallet has become an indispensable favorite gadget.

Smart Wallet solves the problem of forgetting to carry their wallet everywhere with no restrictions. Comfortable to carry thanks to the slim, light design comes with a security system that alerts instantly when the bag is lost. It also has a power bank to charge both wired and cordless mobile phone batteries, and this kind of function is easier to buy than you think. 

‘Ekster’  the price is light,
but the function is not light.

For people who like low-cost products Can be the owner of the popular brand in the market is ‘ Ekster’. Its suitable for young men who like handmade leather craft, hand stitched vintage design, meet the convenience of Use With card slot keypad function. When you need to pick up a card, just press this button and the card slot pops out instantly. So you don’t have to open your wallet and pick it up to waste time. For those who are afraid of losing money, Ekster has designed a function to tackle this problem. With a rubber band outside the bag Making it completely closed, no need to be afraid of the inside of it being lost in any way.

Another specialty of Ekster is the protection system installed. Theft of wallet card data. Which mainly records data in the form of RFID / NFC Chip such as credit card, ID card, etc. In addition, this brand smart wallet also comes with GPS Tracker compatible with mobile phones with iOS 7.0 and Android 4.0 and above when the owner accidentally. Bag lost Or is more than 30 meters away, the system will send an alarm. 

‘ Volterman’ Smart Wallet, elegant, 
functional and unique.

If talking about Smart Wallet, the top would be nothing but ‘ Volterman’ smart wallet that claims that Used like a superman. This brand stands out from the rest in terms of its superiority. In addition to being used as a backup battery. There is also a notification of lost items via Bluetooth (Bluetooth Alarm System). Mechanism is When Bluetooth is connected between Smart Wallet and smartphone.
แแ The system will connect the two devices as twins that are inseparable. This time, no matter where you left your wallet or smartphone. The system will alert the other connected devices immediately.

What makes Volterman unlike any smart wallet is its ‘ real-time tracking of thieves ‘  with a camera built into the pocket. Able to capture the image of the person who stole this bag. 

‘Walli’ Wallet

Walli smart wallet It is similar to the Smart Wallet, it connects via the iOS and Android apps via Bluetooth 4.0 to send notifications to the smartphone when the owner walks away from the bag. Likewise, if you forget your smartphone within about 100 feet or 30 meters.

Walli uses and patented technology called SecurePocket, which tracks both the wallet and its contents when a paired Smart Wallet and credit card disappear from the pocket for too long. 

Walli smart wallet is made of genuine leather material. It comes in black and blue with two banknotes and 6 card slots. It comes with a mini coin-style battery that can last up to 6 months.

‘Meet the forgotten young man’s question’ and it really works like this You will have to get one with you, as a smart wallet is a gadget that offers more than just security, a right item for the real urban men lifestyle.