The must hv skills for the job market that will grow in 2021

          The must hv skills ! Now aday We will notice that technology is playing a more active role in our lives everyday. we use AI more and more in our lifestyles. Whether it translate Finger scan or face scan Voice command Command your home appliances to work. Some people may have a Google Home as their home assistant. In addition to everyday life, We use Ai a lot in business operations and in many other jobs in companies.


According to the World Economic Forum’s The Future of Jobs Report 2020. The survey results and predicts the future trends of the 2021 – 2025 job market. it found that the top two technologies that will be in companies in 2025 are : Cloud Computing or computer system rental service. This is the in-house work system technology that allows you to work anywhere in the world. You don’t have to sit in the office. It also has better processing and data transfer performance. It is also a basic technology use by various applications.   

          Another technology that surpasses everything is Encryption and Cybersecurity. Or cyber encryption and security technology This is in line with Cloud Computing, where the company has moved from the Analog era to the complete Digital era , including the introduction of robot technology in the industry instead of workers. That is 10 % higher than 2018, which is the third in the survey.

we will adapt to keep up with the digital age. How do we have to be ready to work with AI ?

          Right now, almost every job is one that people do with robots or AI by sharing hours of work together. The results of the survey showed that administrative jobs with clear work patterns And tasks related to simple data transmission such as key data into the system. The top three jobs or banking jobs that will be transferred to more robots in 2025, while communications jobs. Or data management for further analysis into 2 types of jobs where people still have roles and working hours that haven’t changed much in 2025 compared to 2020

          From this data, it can analyz that Skills that are strengths and will give humans an advantage. Able to work with AI smoothly. It is Communication skills Which is a delicate skill. It requires human understanding that still has emotions. While AI will focus on processing through clear logic, making it impossible for AI to have better communication skills than humans. Humans may use AI to work with a focus on perseverance. And serves as a substitute for communication

          While AI can do simple data manipulation tasks And has the ability to store enormous data.

 But when it comes to analyzing and finding answers to these data, it is still a human duty. Therefore , data management and analytical skills. It is one of the most important skills needed by the digital age because of Data Analysts and Data Scientist work or data analysis and management. To answers and new business opportunities are likely to be in constant demand in the job market. Because it was in a Big Data as well.  

           People who can manage and use these Big Data to make the most of it. Is the person every company wants.  Therefore, we must start by practicing good analytical thinking skills. Know how to work with data Plan and set up a system for AI to work so that we can become an AI boss instead of AI becoming our boss.

          As for the AI jobs that are in demand in the job market in the future In addition to Data Analysts and Data Scientists. There will be AI and Machine Learning Specialist , Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialist, and Information Security Analyst. Examples of AI tasks that all rely on analytical and data manipulation skills. Including to hold good communication as well.

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