Squid Game Crypto Coin Rises 2,400% in 24 Hours

Squid Game Crypto Coin Rises 2,400% in 24 Hours. The cryptocurrency ‘SQUID’, a coin inspired by the hit Netflix series ‘Squid Game’,. That recently jumped 2,400% in 24 rounds. hours, with a current market value of about $174 million (5 billion baht).

Squid Game , produced under the studios of the popular streaming platform Netflix INNOVATION , tells the story of hundreds of contestants struggling financially. And let’s compete in a game inspired by Children’s Day games. That may cost a life to win huge prizes Each player accepts an invitation to the game in hopes of winning a huge prize.

From such issues that Squid Game raised the issue of social inequality. It caused the series to explode. It can increase the number of users for the Netflix streaming platform a lot.

Squid Game Crypto Coin Rises 2,400% in 24 Hours

Until recently, someone came out to create the cryptocurrency coin ‘SQUID’ to mock the ‘Squid Game’ series and was able to attract many people to trade until the price has rebounded. 2,400%, which Netflix itself has clarified that the coin has nothing to do with the company.

SQUID is a cryptocurrency for use on Play-to-Earn gaming platforms or to earn money. This will be a tournament with 6 stages just like in the series. The tournament will be released to users in November.

Before players can join the game, there is a condition that some characters or NFTs must be purchased in order to join the game. But from the current coin price increase factor. So joining the game isn’t that cheap (starting at $15,000, $33,450).

However, the cryptocurrency data platform CoinMarketCap.  It has warned investors to be cautious when investing in ‘SQUID’. As reports from users reveal that the token cannot be sold on the PancakeSwap, DEX, or asset exchange platform without an intermediary.  According to reports by ufabet