Smart Contact Lens

Smart Contact Lens is contact Lens genius Capture with blink of an eye. Its cool innovation like blinking eyes to take pictures or record videos. Like in the movie 007 is going to actually happen. When tech giants like SONY developed ‘smart contact lenses’ under Nicola Tesla and nanotechnology. Ready to apply for a patent.

Smart contact lens function 

In some tiny contact lenses It consists of a photo and video control unit, a central control unit, an antenna, a mini memory. And mechanical force measuring devices. Such as vibrations, acceleration, etc., which all devices detect images from viewpoint. Of contact lens wearers The special thing is that these devices are designed to be able to distinguish that. The contact lens wearer accidentally blinks to capture the shot in front of him. Or blinking eyes unconsciously according to the general human instinct Previous.

Usually humans blink their eyes at the subconscious command every 0.2-0.4 seconds, which if you are wearing smart contact lenses at that time. This reaction is not a command to save the image. But if you accidentally blink, it takes more than 0.5 seconds at a time. Which is unusual from normal behavior. Will be considered as an order for the smart contact lenses to take pictures in front And save to memory

Smart contact lenses with energy induction Under Nicola Tesla technology

Many people still wonder if So where does this cool device use. Its power to detect and record images? It was at this point that the Nicola Tesla technology came to the rescue very well. Make smart contact lenses Can work wirelessly By relying on the power connection from a smartphone, tablet or computer. Through radio induction, electromagnetic waves As well as the resonance of the magnetic field To draw energy from an energy source. It use for detect the image, find the focus, and zoom the subject as well.

For this innovation, SONY has submitted a patent application. But there will be no product launches yet. Because of the smart contact lens production Several steps are still in the process of commissioning. With regard to safety issues in use More importantly. It must be the use that does not violate the privacy of others.