Revealing the changing consumer behavior

Revealing the changing consumer behavior in the era of Covid-19 and which behaviors are likely to change permanently. It is true that consumer behavior changes all the time. And it cannot be denied either that the COVID-19 crisis It is a catalyst for many behaviors to change so severe that it has become routine. Somwali analyzes this summary of the overall changing behavior of consumers and points out some behaviors that are likely to change permanently even after COVID-19 is over. 

Revealing the changing consumer behavior

Because some behaviors have occurred since before the crisis. The consumer behavior that occurs, is and will be permanent, including:

1. Technology Adoption

 Technology will become part of the work. In the future, meetings that need to fly across the country will be less because the Zoom , a ufabet program allows meetings from anywhere in the world.

2. Work from Home

It is likely that many companies will switch to Home Based Office more and more because many companies have discovered that they do not need to rent a building or office to support 100 percent of their employees. 

3. E-Commerce in many countries including Thailand Even the elderly are normal to shop through online shopping.

4. Streaming Content , the booming trend And people will get used to this until it becomes a long-term behavior. 

5. Gaming The survey found that both in Thailand and Southeast Asia The group of people playing games is expanding. This behavior will become a lifestyle that has become a routine of a large group of people in society. 

6. Perfunctional Benefit behavior of the new generation What to drink or eat, you have to choose the best for yourself. Turned attention to how to not get sick. It can be seen from more functional drinks.

7. Safety The need in terms of safety will continue. Because consumers pay more attention to these matters. products such as rubber gloves Face mask Cleaning products for the service sector will remain. 

There are still some behaviors that have changed. Should be beneficial to SMEs entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to do business, such as ‘cutting unnecessary expenses’. Consumer behavior thinks more about buying something. Connected to thinking more about health make people of this era behave ‘Purchasing more insurance’

In terms of housing behavior, it was found that in the future, Gen Y people tend to ‘rent a house more than buy’. A 30-year home loan is no different from a 30-year lease, and security is no longer having a home. Including the future work style of people, Jane also moved jobs frequently. That means moving house more often. 

while the information from the Stock Exchange of Thailand shows the trend of ‘Household debt to rise’ More loan companies entering the system (Non-Bank) to increase liquidity to the grassroots Entrepreneurs with customers in this group looking at income alone is not enough. You must also look at liquidity.