Modern home technology for the quality of life for the elderly.

Modern home technology for the quality of life for the elderly. If talking about the elderly Of course, nowadays is the age of Gen x to Gen y that is getting closer and closer. Many countries around the world are entering a fully aging society. Not even Thailand. Many businesses that began to divert target groups to the elderly One of them is innovation in real estate, housing, technology for the elderly. Which these technologies are interesting It greatly facilitates life. Until we have to bring up and introduce them to get to know each other.

Home technology Smart home

In the latter period We have seen more and more innovations in the home and living spaces that are meant to serve an aging society that has spread in many countries around the world. Whether it is familiar with GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-fi has been developed to have a wide variety of applications. Became the primary connection channel Which is further extended to the convenience of other types, such as the heat sensor type appliances. Robot cleaning, etc.

Modern home technology

Interesting Smart home technology

1. Video intercom

This super-secure technology works in conjunction with the doorbell and door lock. By every time before the opening of welcoming guests Will be able to send pictures to the host to see who is the guest Which not only the elderly In other words, this technology greatly improves the safety of everyone in the home. It can also record the entry and exit as well.

2.Smart lightning

would be nice if walking into a dark room instantly with bright lights every step of the way. Without wasting time groping for the fire in the dark Risk walking and kicking things until falling Lighting control technology will make life easier. The sensors of each light work in tandem with the temperature and human movement. It also helps to save energy when forgetting to turn off the lights when no one is in the room. The fire can turn itself off.

3. Medical manager

This technology is very suitable for the elderly who need to take medication on a regular basis. Which this program can control the medication schedule And warn you when the time comes at any time. Whether it is medicine Or various vitamins are available and can also be added to the doctor’s appointment schedule program To be reminded as well And there is also development news from this innovation producer that. In the future, there will be a collaboration with the online doctor see system via video call as well.

4. Home monitoring

whether there are elderly people Or a baby at home You don’t have to worry anymore. Because this technology can observe the time during the day By working with mobile applications Which will send pictures directly from your home to your phone. Now, you don’t have to think too much about it. What about the elderly at home with the carer? Has there been any danger or accident? In addition to sending a long distance image. Can also work with CCTV cameras to view other areas of the house as well as a good security monitoring.

5.Smart alarm
Whether the smoke spreads, pipes, water leaks, fire, electric leakage, smart alarm technology can provide comprehensive alarm. Tear off the old warning rules, which is very suitable for the elderly. Including everyone in the house. In order to observe the deterioration of the various appliances that are effective.

Each innovation in the house was developed. Are not less interesting Not only comfortable for the life of the elderly But still able to facilitate the whole family a lot. Which if anyone is planning to renovate the house and residence. Try to keep up with technology news. And look for these devices It will improve your quality of life. Certainly good for the mind and body