Look at whats kind of businesses that the best for work from home.

When entering the year 2021, but someone still work from home because the situation of the epidemic has not yet gone. And if to be honest The security situation in life is still very risky as before. 

But until that point, we need to do something to survive as many businesses signal a reduction. Or limit the number of employees, (former) employees are still laid off over the years and many people are turning to Work From Home more.

So this article may be an idea for people who are looking to start a business or do part-time supplementation at home during this time. Most importantly, each business has low (financial) costs, so it doesn’t use much, but uses the skills that we are good at.

Translation services

Get in the way! For people who are well versed in ‘language’ , our world today has no borders. Therefore, language is considered very important. Where we can start a business ‘Translation service’ from home Whether it is a document translation, transcript (interview), converting letters from Thai to a foreign language, etc., just one computer or iPad is comfortable. And even more if we get a certificate from a specialized translation institute Income is not difficult!

Online Consulting

Today there are many people who want to start a business. I have turned myself into a start-up, so maybe the scriptures we read on the Internet might not be enough. Or choose a take course method. Prepare yourself as an entrepreneur. Sometimes it is expensive. This opportunity is possible for someone who has a lot of consulting experience.

They can start a business as a consultant. They can be online, whether they are marketing consultants, financial advisors, love advisors, etc., the main thing that attracts your clients is ‘networking’ both individuals and businesses.

Writers content

With that writing is a type of work that is very flexible. And relatively independent, so being a writer Bloggers, such as trading, travel, love guru, etc .; however, these tips are paired with reading. Because clearly seen in letters Not just focus on picture and sound This is the charm of the writings that are not out of date.

Maybe someone who qualifies as a good writer. Does not need to get any high qualifications Or graduated on line It’s just that it’s a knack for telling stories, arranging, imagining and being disciplined on time according to deadlines, tasks, etc.

The DIY or various anthologies (Leather Handmade Crafts ).

Many people like crafts Anything handmade about everything But in this era, we can go from personal preference to business. Because the Internet is a very good gateway for the Digal era, there are still many opportunities here for those who are specialists. If you look at some platforms or even in the Facebook group, you can see that there is a group of craft work to buy – sell, especially.

Delivery service (Drop-Shipping Store )

In an age where trading can happen anytime, anywhere through e-commerce platforms, while also delivering business. Or delivery services across the country – around the world as well, but every large area always has a small hole, so for people who are interested and have skills in the management of transport routes. Maybe starting a business from a very small area (of yourself) first and gradually expand, most importantly, we need to find a small channel. Then meet before the big companies see

Marketers have suggested that May start a business from a ‘hyperlocal delivery’ system and create a distinctive point of speed, price, accessibility, etc.

Web Designer work from home

This business is another interesting career because many companies big and small need to hire a designer to take many steps. Such as product package, campaign body, product and ‘website’ which is another gateway to. It must attract customers or prospects, so this business can be started at home. Or anywhere with just a good computer, internet, program, strong spec And all skills from the experience that we have accumulated This is just a career as a business to generate income.

Tutor (Private Tutor online )

As competition is increasing From study to working period. There is one more career that we will see more is ‘tutor’, both group and one on one. And the advantages of the tutor are Wherever you are, you can teach both online and offline. And maybe the tutor doesn’t even have a (special) teaching certificate, but they guarantee themselves with qualifications, GPA, experience, etc.

Graphic Designer

The necessity of the company today is ‘graphic art’, so not to mention that. How many graphic designers will be popular in this era? If you have skills in this area Whether designing logos, brochures, and even information design work as ‘ infographics ‘ is essential for many companies. Features beyond our ideas and creativity. Including the necessary equipment (computer). We must be the person who manages the priority of the work assigned to it. And must not forget to follow new ideas.

Marketing Consultant Digital Marketing Consultant )

Using marketing skills as a home consultant or remote working is the ambition of many people. Also many businesses rely on mentoring from these groups. One of the reasons is because the ‘consultant price’ is cheaper than the major consulting firms.

Experts say it simply is that starting a business with this profession is something that you can start doing. We just have the skills to understand social media content. And optimizing your website to rank on search engines (SEO). Just go ahead and go!

A virtual assistant

For people who are capable of manipulating manage multiple. For example, you can start your business from home as a ‘virtual assistant’, just use the skills to manage information systematically on your computer. Such as scheduling meetings, handling email, customer support, etc. at least. The company employs (additional) virtual assistants, which increases the efficiency of their work flow.

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