Just stay in the house, it safe from the dust pollution outside?

Of course, dust pollution can be seen with the naked eye when the amount is high to a certain extent. But we often forget to think about pollution. That we cannot see with the naked eye. Such as Nitrogen oxides can remain in the air for years and are even more dangerous your body than visible pollution.

Home may not be a safe place because sometimes the dust pollution inside the house may be worse than outside. Air pollution is created from everyday household activities. Such as cooking, cleaning, and pollution accumulated from walking in and out of buildings. Becoming a complex and dangerous mixture of pollution. As people start blocking pollution from entering their homes. UFABET In fact, we are preventing pollution as well.

Every day we breathe 9,000 liters of air. Which we spend most of our daily lives indoors. Our daily activities such as Use of floor cleaners, deodorizers. Or scent candles are all sources of air pollution. That are commonly found in households. Other types of household air pollutants that can be found come from Cooking gases, mold, pollen, pet dander and formaldehyde. That comes out of finished furniture. Whether at home or at the office. Everyone has the opportunity to breathe dangerously pollut air. Having an air purifier with both HEPA and high adsorption capacity of synthetic carbon can suppress pollution. And significantly improve the air quality in your home.

Even though research has revealed that more than 99% of the world is under polluted air. But that doesn’t mean we can’t control the quality of the air we breathe in our homes.