Increase work efficiency by adjusting “Workflow”

Nowaday workflow is repesent how work efficiency. If we want to increase the efficiency of work or increase output to the business, workflow improvement or processes is a top priority. That we have to take into account. Because workflow improvements can help people work. Can work more efficiently and output increases accordingly.

And today we will talk about ways to improve Workflow.

Unfold all the work:

The first thing is to know that what are the processes in the whole company now? So that we can check and find where we can improve. Many people might feel that why they have to be unfolded as well. Normally knew and remembered by heart.

Must say for very small businesses There were no more than five working people. Or have a simple system that can be imagined in the head and chasing Flow out, but for businesses that have a team of more than 5 people or have a complex system. (Small teams, but the work is complicated, it should be done)

For a way to ” unfold” that can be done in many ways. But what I recommend is to bring Post-it to the Task, but as it has happened since the beginning of work Until delivery And paste on the wine board or board or glass.

Recommended to use post-it. Because we will be able to easily migrate and modify various Tasks

It’s important to require for everyone. But if unable to date everyone It must be someone who really understands. the Workflow or the person who really Execution to write the various tasks of each person, each party, this part may take quite a lot of time. But want you to be very determined And do not overlook small tasks for sure.

After writing  We will get a very detailed overview of the workflow of the company.

Find points that improve

But if not everyone, let the people involved in each part we are examining come together to come up with ideas and throw ideas. Which tasks can be improved to workflows?

One suggestion is to try to get people who are not in that department. Come to think too Because it allows us to get perspective from people who are not in that department.

Which tasks are duplicated?

Mostly When we unfold our work, we often find tasks that are redundant, that is, there may be 2 people to do it, even though it may be able to do it alone. Or some work that has been done But when forwarding it to another person, it must be done in the same process again.

Unnecessary Task or can eliminate

This is similar to No. 1, but sometimes it doesn’t come in the form of redundant work. But it is a job that is not necessary. Or we can cut it out, that is, without this Task, it has no effect on the results. Or continue all work processes.

Find a way to use Technology for efficiency.

Today, there is no denying that one thing that will make work run faster, Workflow is smoother, is the matter of applying the right technology to the right job such as accounting system, making reports or tools that can make people work. Can work more easily.

” Because many times, Workflow development can be done through Technology”