Is Bitcoin Legal?

Is Bitcoin Legal? The status of bitcoins also varies from country to country. Some countries allow bitcoin trading. In some countries, bitcoin is used as a regular currency. is to be able to pay the debt according to the law.

Is Bitcoin Legal?

August 2019, New Zealand legalized paying salaries in Bitcoin. In April 2017, Japan gave Bitcoin as legal tender. But it has passed a digital currency law that will be implemented in 2020.

Many countries also have direct bitcoin trading regulations. such as in the United States Bitcoin trading platform providers must be properly licensed under the Bank Secrecy Act.

As for our country, the SEC has already issued regulations related to a ufabet Bitcoin trading. Therefore, all cryptocurrency trading platform providers must be properly licensed. You can check the list of licensed service providers at this link. 

We hopes this article will help answer the question of what Bitcoin is, as well as other Bitcoin-related issues. Whether it is Altcoin, Bitcoin mining or the law on bitcoin Let you start trading Bitcoin with confidence.