How to listen to Clubhouse via the web.

How to listen to Clubhouse via the web without have to download the app. After Clubhouse announce a new feature. That many people are waiting for Because if you want to join in without download app. You can listen to Clubhouse. That is through the web. Which can be listened immediately without have to install a mobile app. Do not have to login and listen on mobile devices, tablets, computers via a web browser. But said that it is only available for users in the United States first. IT news.

Clubhouse owners will need to turn on the Replay feature in your room. This feature will work for both Replays and Live Rooms that have Replays enabled, so they can now be listened to live via a web browser. but listen only can’t talk and can also be listened back on a web browser. If the Clubhouse team finds this feature really useful. Will continue to expand this service to other countries.

When you tap the “share” button at the bottom of the room, you will see 3 options: Share on Clubhouse / share via and copy link to share link. If you choose Share on Clubhouse, you can add comments. And it will be shared with the followers you have seen. Followers will see the room we’re sharing. can tap to listen and if the room has a live broadcast will also be notified that you share this room. so that friends can join the listening room with us This new feature will be available in the next few days.

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