How do you know that a Block number.

          How do you know that a Block number? Let’s see how to check. If it’s blocked. You’ll know for sure.

          Suddenly I can’t answer the phone and can’t contact.  I believe that many people may have encountered this kind of situation. And wondering if the other person blocked the number? How to check? For anyone who wants an answer. Today we have a way to leave. So we can know that it has been blocked or not. Try this.

blocked number

Block number. How do you see it?

Try calling that number. First try calling go to numbers you suspect block and listen to the sound. If the call is disconnect immediately or after a ringing tone. Not more than 1 loud sound. It’s possible that it has been blocked. In addition if calling If the call comes to Voicemail immediately. May also mean that it block. However you should try calling several times to make sure the result is the same every time.

Use another number to call go. This step will help us to be more sure. If it is really blocked or not by using any other number. Whether it’s a home phone or borrow a close friend’s phone. Call to find the number. If the result is different from what was tried in the first point. For example there was a ringing phone number several times. Or have someone answer the call. You can be sure that your number has block.

Get someone else to help you contact.  If it’s not convenient to borrow a phone from someone close to you. Try calling. May try to chat with friends or people. You know with the owner of that number to ask to try calling. Contact on our behalf to know that the call. Did the line cut off immediately? Did someone answer the call?

The number is block. How to fix it?

          If in fact .When our number is block by the other party. Probably wouldn’t be able to do anything. Because there is no way or any app to make calls can contact the owner of that number. In addition to finding other ways to contact to discuss and improve understanding. Until the other party agrees to unblock our own number.