Great Google tricks to make your long weekend get more happy

Great Google tricks to make your long weekend get more happy ! The upcoming long weekend may cause many People feel stressed. Because having to meet relatives Or worry that you will not be in time for dinner But worry no more, today GL is sharing tips from Google that will help ease those stresses so that everyone can enjoy the holidays to the full and get things done on time.

1) Tips for coping with holiday traffic

  • If someone has to drive on a long weekend, Google Maps can help everyone by getting real-time information. About the journey Including directions Notifications about travel delays and disruptions along the way, such as accidents or construction work. And after returning from vacation.
  • Share Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) with loved ones. So that they will know when we will arrive
  • If someone forgot to buy things for the party You can find the store you want along the way. Just open the Google Maps application, tap on the menu in the top left corner and select “Start driving”, then tap. “Set destination” (Set destination) and choose a type of place, such as a grocery store or search for a specific place. You will find the red dot, which is the place where the license is located around our route. Just press the red point to find the name of the place and the duration of the journey to that place. To get there, tap on “Navigate”.
  • For anyone traveling by plane, you can use Google Indoor Maps to view maps of various buildings. Of the airport This will help us find the way to the boarding gate or find a restaurant for a light meal. Before leaving easier

2) Tips for avoiding the shopping chaos

  • Enable the Google Shopping price tracking feature for items that are on the gift list. To receive automatic notifications when the prices of the products we are interested in drop
  • If an impromptu gift is required, Google Shopping will show you where the things you want to buy are available nearby.   
  • Use the Popular Times feature on Google Maps to check out the best times to shop. To avoid the crowded hours and not waste long waiting time.
  • If the clothing or home item you want to buy is sold out, we can use Google Lens to find something similar. Just take a picture or use the image you have captured. Then tap on the Google Lens icon, products with similar features will appear for us to choose Sometimes we can get an idea of ​​buying a gift from what others are wearing. But if you’re not sure where it’s available, Google Lens can help you find it.

3) Google tricks for spending quality time with your family

  • Make the most of your long weekend with the people you love. And find activities to do together within the family Just visit the Explore tab on Google Maps to find a place or activity near you.

4) Secret google tricks to impress your friends by cooking delicious food

Who’s going to cook for large people or just a few confidants? Google Search and Google Assistant will make holiday cooking easier and more fun than ever.

  • You can search for recipes using Google Search, or another simple way is to ask the Google Assistant. The smart assistant from Google will tell you the steps of cooking. Just say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” and say “Find a recipe. Give me [food], ”“ I want to cook [food] ”or“ how to cook [food] ”.
  • You can also use voice commands for the Google Assistant to play nice music or podcasts for us to listen to while cooking.

5) Secrets to getting everyone together

  •  Google Family Link is a tool to help parents control the appropriate use of their children’s mobile phones. Especially during school holidays or holidays when children No need to go to school Parents can talk to their kids. Directly about the use of your mobile phone or tablet and family expectations. At the same time, Google Family Link can be used as a tool to reinforce basic rules such as time limits on mobile phones. As well as content management And to approve or deny purchases within various applications. Google Family Link is also compatible with all devices. Be it a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop computer.

6) Family communication tips

  • If family members do not speak another language, we suggest using the chat mode in Google Translate  to speak or read mode, the interpreter used by Google Home.

It’s all gone with 6 great, smartest tips that Google has brought in hand. Just do as I say Everyone will have a long weekend at Happy for sure.