Future trends Opportunity to expand business

Interesting future trends Opportunity to expand business for SMEs in every industry. The Urban Lifestyle group because it is a group that SMEs entrepreneurs can bring to grow more. It is a trend that has already occurred abroad. 

In the country, it happened to some. and will continue to occur for a long time, including

1. Gaming E-Sports industry is a market that SMEs entrepreneurs need to pay attention to. If looking at the population of Thailand, about 70 million people, with a gaming population of 57% or 40 million people, this is a very big market. In neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, there is at least 50% growth in the gaming population, and these groups range from children to adults. It is foreseeable that games will become a lifestyle routine for people in the future.

2. Pets when more people stay home Pets have become the number one friend and child of the house. Market for dog food, supplements, toys, furniture or other goods. including a ufabet organizing events Therefore, it can grow and can be extended in many ways. 

3. Work from Home issues of interest. In the past, the selling points of houses and condos were bedrooms and living rooms, when the Work from Home trend would continue. The selling point will change to a working room or a living gadget market. Equipment used to facilitate work from home is also interesting. 

4. Tree from buyer to seller Today, many small entrepreneurs leave their full-time jobs to plant trees for sale. make a hundred thousand 

5. Cooking equipment Continued from the trend of staying at home. As a result, people turn to cooking and are more interested in their own health. Both serious and simple cooking utensils to kitchen utensils will be the next trend. 

6. Self Storage At present, large logistics businesses are increasingly turning to space rental businesses. Because the e-commerce market continues to grow and most businesses do not have warehouses. Or people who live in condos need a storage room. A rental business near condos can be an attractive option. 

7. Plant-based Food In the future, the world will have a shortage of meat. Because the world’s population keeps growing Meat will be produced at a higher cost. Many large operators have already scheduled domestic sales. This is a trend that food business entrepreneurs must closely follow.