Cyber ​​security when confidential documents not as secret as you think

Cyber ​​Security is one of the things that has become an important. Its the helper for most businesses in this era is the internet or wireless systems. They can help make the work nowadays more convenient and faster. These technology systems have become commonplace in the workplace.

Although many things Businesses overlook as a matter of cyber security. Because when online in everyday life and work more and more crime online. This is coupled with the development of online technology that is growing faster as well.

And today there are many variations of threats such as Malware, Computer Virus, Spyware and Sniffing, etc.

Threats are used to hask the data of individuals or entities, destroy data, errors. Of the working system Including online espionage in organizations or companies.

How important is Cyber ​​Security to a business?

Cyber ​​Security is used to protect against Hask vulnerabilities and prevent any form of damage to sensitive data. Whether it is the Network, Application, Data, Cloud, including tangible information such as Important documents.

Because when an accident happened Data theft. It will reduce result confidence and trust of customers or partners, violations of the Company’s or employees’ personal copyright work. As well as the risk to the operation of the transaction.

The source of the risk is information on social media, computers, as well as devices. That many people overlook, namely printers. This is the last step of the working process.

Because even if we invest how much security in computer systems. But without this security. It could be a security vulnerability for important documents.

At present, primary security measures achieve by

  • The login rights of the user account require to verify.
  • Added protection against attacks such as Web Application Firewall or DDos. 
  • Be aware of the risk of opening files via social network channels to avoid infection with malware.
  • Set up the system to record logging events on the system for at least 90 days.
  • Able to contact and coordinate with the National Computer Security Center.
  • In terms of the law, there is PDPA, which stands for Personal Data Protection Act (2019), is the Personal Data Protection Act in various technology media channels.

All of this is protection against cyber threats, but the best way is. We need to prevent from the root cause should controll since the security system in the company’s equipment.

Printer equipment, nowadays, it evolves to have a more secure system with user documents or information.

Some printer companies locate far away from work seats. Causing problems for employees or departments that need to print confidential or important documents.