Cause the phone battery to run out surprisingly quickly.

One question that many causes your phone battery to drain so quickly? And how will it be managed money to be able to solve this problem decisively. Today, we will bring you to meet reasons why the battery of the mobile phone is depleted so quickly. Let’s find out.

The screen is very bright and consumes a lot of power.

The first thing is screen brightness. Some people use their mobile phones outdoors will cause the screen to accelerate to maximum brightness. Or sometimes you may think that the screen is not bright enough to accelerate to maximum brightness. Which is part In addition to making the machine easy to heat. It will use energy unnecessarily. As a result, the battery will run out quickly UFABET

Remedy: Choose the appropriate brightness to stay at the level or to turn on the automatic brightness system. So that the sensor can help adjust the brightness.

Keep the program open on the device for phone battery.

The program in the mobile phone is another part that makes phone’s battery use all the time. Because the operation of the program may be alerted. Or reserving the working space of memory and CPU will result in having to bring electricity to power the device all the time.

Solution: If you are not sure what programs are open, it is recommended to restart the device every morning, but for Android, just press the Recent Apps button and press the Close All button.