Carbon dioxide catcher

Around the world there is a reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But we can still do this very slowly. The UN says that another 100 billion tonnes of it will release into the atmosphere this century. And it is one of the global warming problems that we have to solve today.

The good news is that carbon dioxide can be taken apart for a cost of about $ 100 per tonne. but the point is, break it out.

What do we do next? Because the cost of destroying Carbon dioxide is very high.

Canadian start-up Carbon Engineering (Bill Gates invests in this startup) is trying to conduct experiments to synthesize carbon dioxide for energy.

Carbon Engineering, the Canadian startup Keith cofounded in 2009, plans to expand. Its pilot plant to ramp up production of its synthetic fuels, using the captured carbon dioxide as a key ingredient. (Bill Gates is an investor in Carbon Engineering.)

Zurich-based Climeworks’s direct air capture plant in Italy will produce methane from captured carbon dioxide and hydrogen. While a second plant in Switzerland will sell it to the soft-drinks industry. So will Global Thermostat of New York, which finished constructing its first commercial plant in Alabama last year.

Still, if it’s used in synthetic fuels or sodas, It will mostly end up back in the atmosphere. The ultimate goal is to lock greenhouse gases away forever. Some could be nested within products like carbon fiber, polymers, or concrete. But far more will simply need to bury underground, a costly job that no business model seems likely to support.

But it might not be able to help reduce that much, as gas would eventually release back into the atmosphere, but Bill Gates thinks that while we don’t have much choice yet, we have to act.