Car technology! Answering the future world of 2021

Car technology! Answering the future world of 2021″Car”, a land vehicle technology produced to meet the transportation problems in the past. Causing the convenience of traveling From the past, we had to ride a carriage, horse riding, elephant riding and boating for several days to reach our destination.

1. Unmanned vehicle technology (AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE)

In the past, many people have heard about this automotive innovation that there will be autonomous cars in the future.In 2018, this automotive innovation is already becoming available at some of the world’s leading automobile companies. In addition, big tech companies like Google, Apple, Uber, Baidu, Intel are also playing players in this market. Believe me, when autonomous vehicle technology becomes more stable. You will definitely see this technology in Thailand in two eyes.

2. Driver intervention system (DRIVER OVERRIDE SYSTEMS)

This automotive innovation is unique in that It can work even if you are controlling the car. With sensor technology and fast processing The vehicle can therefore work against what you command, for example the car will avoid potential accidents with automatic braking management. Even if you press the gas pedal, it will crash into something. Of course, this technology system has already been used in some newer cars. But still unstable and must continue to develop

3. Biometric technology system Or biometrics system (BIOMETRIC)

An automotive innovation that draws on driver measurable biological data for evaluation and analysis. For the convenience of using the car For example From where before, had to unlock the key to start the car In the future, only your fingerprint may be used to operate. Which is no different from unlocking a smartphone today And if that car has multiple users Each person’s handwriting identifies the vehicle adjustments automatically according to the body size, personality and taste of each driver. As if it were your car alone

4. Complete car tracking system (COMPREHENSIVE VEHICLE TRACKING)

For this technology has already started some abroad. Starting from the concept of collecting car insurance from the driver’s driving data. Whether it is a matter of distance speed ​​used fixed parking place the data is then sent back for automatic evaluation. It is similar to the systems that exist in trucks. Or public vehicles today in order to assess the risks that may arise.  However, the driver must agree to provide this personal information first in exchange for a discount on the insurance premium. 

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