Brakes was a loud noise, What was it?

In the event that we step on the brakes and make loud noise. Indicates that the brake system has a malfunction. It may be due to the following reasons for knowledge.

There are foreign objects on the brakes discs or brake pads.

 When the car is used. Such as running through water, wading through mud. May cause dirt to cling to the brake discs or brake pads. The symptoms are not dangerous. But UFABET causing a nuisance If you use it for a while. It still doesn’t disappear should have the inspector fix it.

Brakes pads out of the brake system.

When we step on the brakes and then creaking noise is a warning. That the manufacturer design to let the driver know. That the brake pads are almost gone. Should hurry to bring the car in for service to replace the new brake pads. If left for a long time until the brake pads run out. In addition to damage the brake discs as well. Or cause the car to not brake until an accident may occur.

Grooved brake disc.

Disc brakes after being used for a while The contact surface will cause friction with the brake pads until it is worn and grooved when the contacts of the brake discs are uneven. When the brake pedal is pressed against the plate that is not smooth, it will make a loud noise. The solution should be to grind the brake discs when those marks are abnormally large.

The sound of wading .

After we drove through the water. Or after a new car wash is another cause of noise when we step on the brakes. Because the brake pads may be wet or stain with water, the solution is just to reiterate the brakes 2-3 times to get rid of moisture from the brake pads. The noise will gradually fade away.