Ballie robot, the rolling companion robot 2021 from Samsung

The big robot got away because Samsung developed it into a small robot 2021 sphere called “Ballie” that can be held with one hand.

Samsung launched the Ballie, a small, round, rolling robot at CES 2020. Raising the flag as an innovative robot that is like a friend of users who are ready to understand, support and help users. Manage everything in the house easier.

Mr. Kim Hyun Suk, president and head of Samsung Commander Electronics Said that in the future People of the world need to reconsider their new habitats. To suit various needs and meet individual lifestyles.

The highlight of Ballie is the ability to directly process AI via the machine (On-Device AI). Reinforces the core goal of the company vision of user-centricity Due to individual care It focuses on the goal of building health and well.

Being. Ballie’s specialty is that it can cater to different needs. The result of the ability to process AI directly through the machine. Allows users to control information. While protecting privacy While still allowing Ballie to personalize the service.

Samsung is also using the CES 2020 stage to showcase its advanced personalized health solutions. Through a partnership with Kaiser Permanente to develop a virtual home rehabilitation solution. Through pairing the Samsung smartwatch and the smartphone together and connecting with Bluetooth. Samsung’s Heartwise app will alert patients to exercise. Before collecting activity data The heart rate of the patient And automatically uploaded via smartphone to the caregiver doctor.  To be able to monitor the progress of the patient and to be inclusive with all stakeholders.

In the future Samsung believes it will continue to develop user-centric healthcare solutions that meet even more individual needs.