Arteta is also grateful to Pep for instilling progressive ideas.

Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta recalls his opportunity to be a Manchester City staff member under manager Josep Guardiola. As one of the most important moments of his career trainer. So I never forget my gratitude.

Arteta retired from football at the age of 34. Then was approached to join Pep’s staff, first as a staff member and then as his right-hand man. Helped achieve a lot of success until being separated as number 1 of the ‘Cannons’ at the end of 2019. UFABET 

Destiny has brought them together to compete for the league title for two consecutive seasons. Especially in 2023-24, where they will compete until the final match, with Arsenal trailing City by only 2 points. 

Looking back on this period of self-development, the 42-year-old coach believes that if Pep hadn’t imparted his knowledge and influence, he wouldn’t have been able to stand firm in the industry like this. 

“We have incredible chemistry together,” he told the BBC Sound podcast.

“The meaning is clearly conveyed just by our eye contact. We know who has to do what and what each other is thinking at that moment.” 

“It’s amazing to be part of something new.”

The old brothers and sisters still have to fight for the 2023-24 season championship until the final game, with Man City meeting West Ham and Arsenal facing Everton.