Air taxi service the highclass innovation.

I’ve seen taxis on the road often. It’s time for Air taxi service to shine. This is the history that Hyundai partnered with Uber to develop an Air Taxi, a runway-less aircraft.  But use a driven rotor instead Plus there is also silence. Does not make noise to disturb others One aircraft can accommodate 5 passengers.
The Uber plans to bring to business areas in need of a rush. But encountered a traffic jam problem And the air taxi service fee is definitely cheaper than the helicopter.  It is also environmentally friendly. Because it uses electrical energy And also quick and convenient. On average, a distance of 19 kilometers takes only 10 minutes.

The business of providing Air taxi service for short trips in major cities has been in operation for a long time. 

Which originally used helicopters to transport businessmen and important people. But the development of electric flight autonomous vehicle technology has progressed rapidly. There is also the emergence of a Car sharing platform which, when integrated Resulting in a modern air taxi service that run on demand. It is also cheaper compared to using the old helicopter.

Air taxi service comes from the need to close Pain Point in transportation in crowded cities. And get more convenient and fast For this reason, it makes the service. It is an investment in the modern industry of transportation.  Also known as Urban Air Mobility.

Big companies ambush as No. 1 in Mobility Company

When the concept of air taxi arises Many leading companies are lurking in the development of electric flying vehicles around the world. There are now more than 170 companies. Including giants like Boeing , Airbus or even Tech Companies like Uber , and most recently, car companies like Toyota or Hyundai has also jumped into in the industry as well.

There is Toyota and Hyundai’s reasons for their entry into the industry are: Aiming to be a Mobility Company. Unlike Uber that wants to expand its platform coverage.