The technologies of the future : Smart voice assistant

what is smart voice assistant?

Prepare to meet with Voice Assistant everywhere.

At this time, we can begin to see smart voice assistants that can be ordered indoors and outdoors. Such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or a colorful one like Apple Siri.

Voice Assistant innovations have  been used to work as an intelligent assistant through voice chats to compact devices. Like Alexa Echo or Google Home, such as commands to play music. Turn lights and appliances on and off, connect the phone, make an appointment, send a message or SMS as an intercom. Call a taxi or order with e-commerce.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Jan. 9-12. In addition to TVs and consumer devices. Voice Assistant or Virtual Assistant platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant have made their way into the stars of the event. Until the birth of a new category of equipment like Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker  and it poses the challenge that Alexa and Google Assistant want in the digital lifestyles of people everywhere. 

Voice Assistant  in the car

During CES  Akio Toyota, Toyota  CEO. Mentioned that Toyota has to prepare to deal with terrifying opponents such as Google, Apple or even Facebook. Until having to make a big adjustment in transforming the company from being a car manufacturer. Its Going to be a mobility service company   to meet innovation in moving people and things from one point to another. 

New Chinese  car  challenger Byton .

Tesla’s new challenger, brings the highlight of the  “In-Car Experience”  designed to the electric SUV, which will be released in 2019. That hopes of creating a new driving experience and giving it a sense of comfort. Entertainment with car users through the dashboard, full size computer screen, console. That can receive voice commands, hand movements (Gesture) or touch the screen. It also controls the work through facial data stored with the driver’s profile. 

The website stated that in August 2017. Alexa had more than 20,000 functions or expertise, and in just 3 months the number increased to 8,000 Skill  . Voice-Controlled Skill is akin to the App’s rapid addition to the app store that happened to the time smartphones became more popular.

Voice Assistant  in a smart home

The smart home was another highlight of CES, which featured digital innovations in homes. Especially Voice Assistance, which became a highlight for home devices capable of receiving voice commands..

Keep an eye on the voice assistant ‘s next step

Conversation is the nature of people. Operating a computer system with a conversation is the closest experience to everyday life. It is inevitable that the Voice Assistant platform will enhance the functionality of the devices around us until creating a new trend. Making technology leaders like Amazon It can be used to expand the ecosystem until the end of the cashless society through payment systems such as Amazon Pay.

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