7 technology trends for 2021 that anyone can learn

1. AI and Machine Learning

          AI  or Artificial Intelligence is technology trends for 2021. That is like the brain that insert in technology and innovations so that they can work. It is analyze data automatically without control and Machine Learning is the brain of AI. It is part of the learning that AI can process and analyze the data more intelligently.

          Many businesses are using AI and machine learning technology to work. Especially in the marketing circle, both in terms of data analysis. including to find market share, problem solving and anticipate the probability of the future. AI and machine learning are technologies that people working in the marketing line should pay great attention to.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

          The Internet of Things  is everything on the planet that can connect to a network (Internet) to exchange and share information. The man involve is minimal, such as the Smart Device various AppleWatch or Smartband storage through our sensor.  Also sent to the mobile display. Including a processor into instructions for health care, which IoT yet.

3. 5G is technology trends for 2021

5G     internet speed has been developed and implemented in many countries. Since 2020.5G is the next generation of connections where all devices can connect via the internet. It is the part that comes together with the Internet of Things (IoT) . In addition to connecting everything via the Internet already. There is also the ability to connect to faster.

4. Automation

          Automation is an automated system that does not need to interact or subject to human interaction every time it is run. This will help us perform repetitive tasks that are patterns. Also work that has clearly defined procedures and variables. Automation plays an important role in the production line. Factory already In the marketing line, automation is used to help work as well.

5. Blockchain

          When it comes to Blockchain, many people think of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In reality, Blockchain technology can do a lot. Because Blockchain is actually a form of data storage that allows each person’s digital transaction data to be shared with everyone.

6. Cyber ​​Security

          The relevance of technology and the Internet. The almost the same as human life, has made many people pay more attention to Cyber ​​Security . Both in terms of people who concern about the leakage of personal information online. Causing the company to adjust the policy on the security of customer information To win customers’ hearts. At the same time, having good Cyber ​​Security in the company. It also keep confidential information from being leak. It is another technology that should be learned a lot. 

7. Voice Technology

          We are familiar with voice Technology through Siri, Alexa or Bixby. This technology to offer a more natural and fluid response. Along with the intelligence of receiving voice commands from humans. That make it better noticeably.  Now we can see smart TVs that can search for your favorite programs on YouTube or the Internet through your voice.