5 main industry That are about to be taken over by robot 2021.

Robot 2021 as the functionality and existence of ‘robots’ are no longer just stories in sci-fi novels. The big impact of their visit. Therefore falls on human beings like us who have to adjust greatly. Because they are likely to be developed to be able to perform their duties excellently Until he was afraid that he would come Take Over the human labor Let’s look at the 5 main business groups that have to be heavily adjusted. What are some of these mechanical brains to cope with?

AI and Manufacturing industry Group

The data revealed that over the years Many factories around the world have invested in sensor development. And enormous technology to develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) to be able to imitate human work in various manufacturing industries. Perfectly Whether it is a sensor to detect light, sound, altitude, and route surveying, etc. By bringing AI to replace real people There are many benefits. Both help increase the total speed of work Reduce labor costs Reduce the risk of accident, etc.

Robot 2021 and Automotive business 

Another challenge can be considered as a mega project of the automotive business group. Self-driving vehicle development or driverless cars, with help such as AI coming in. The future of this project looks much brighter At this time, not only is there bringing the AI ​​to test drive a real car on the road only.  But also to test drive vehicles in agriculture, construction and many other surveys. There are more outstanding than humans. In terms of resistance to risks and accidents during the course of their duties.

Stock market industry groups

During the past year Not only complicated stock trading And requires careful study of investments. That challenges many investors to headache But the role of the newcomer in the robot stains. Also came into turbulence in this business group quite a bit as well.  The robot was developed by playing these businesses cranked up the Fintech lot of people. 
By programming them the ability to analyze market trends. Analyze the uptrend and downtrend of each stock. Including considering instead of real investors that When should I buy or sell stocks? 
However, it is undeniable that years ago. The issue of stock cars under development is highly controversial. In the event that the market numbers are misleading And the issuing of commands that are wrongly performed by the commander of the robot.

The Logistic industry Group

Logistics is another segment of the robotics industry. We expected that there will be funding to develop for these mechanical brains. Go beyond human limits in many ways to reduce operating costs. And filling up problems from transportation in the past Caused by human performance impairments. All  Along with improving the delivery quality to be faster and safer. I heard that one robot would be able to do both driving a truck. The organize transport in itself Maybe in the future we may see a smart warehouse and ransportation service robots in our home.

Construction industry group

Because of the speed of work And help operators save a lot of construction costs. Causing many startups to compete in designing robots for construction work to market. Regardless of the type that serves the design of the house plan, masonry, masonry, soil adjustment, etc. They all sell their strengths in that their work is several times faster than single human labor. Until eliminating the unemployed working class.