3 mobile phone habits you should avoid Risk of deteriorating your smartphone.

3 mobile phone habits you should avoid Risk of deteriorating your smartphone. I believe that all of these things have been done by everyone. We are all human beings. But if you avoid making these mistakes Guaranteed that your smartphone will last longer. To begin with, fix risky behaviors that you could damage your smartphone. By knowing and avoiding some daily habits that can shorten the lifespan of your phone:

1. The mobile phone has been exposed to too high a temperature, too low for a long time.

If you miss leaving your smartphone in the car on a hot day. UFABET On a cold night or charge your smartphone under your pillow Or it will open an app that uses a lot of power. and exposure to direct sunlight This will drain the battery faster. (and thus you have to charge more often) because prolonged exposure to extreme heat can accelerate the deterioration process. or permanently damage your device. That’s because today’s smartphones use lithium-ion batteries. which does not perform well in extreme temperatures.

2. Using the wrong charger

You might think that all chargers are created equally. And as long as the charging cable works well with your phone, that means it still works. It might seem so But the performance may not be the same as the charger that came with your device. Moreover Incompatible chargers can shorten your battery life. or damage the charging port of your mobile phone. However, not all chargers provide the same power. And some models are of better quality than others. But this doesn’t mean you have to buy a charger. As with the original brand of the device, you can purchase a charger from a reputable brand that has been verified to work safely and certified by the manufacturer For example, if you’re using an iPhone, you can buy accessories from Apple manufacturers that are MFi certified.

3. Downloading malicious apps

You may be tricked into downloading unknown apps on the Play Store or the App Store. However, downloading apps from sources outside the Play Store, App Store, may expose you to viruses and malware. That can steal personal information, passwords, even banking app data. Moreover It can also access your device’s camera and microphone. In most cases, it’s safer to download your app from the official store. There is a screening process to prevent malicious apps from appearing in the Store.