2021 Tesla’s golden year

2021 Tesla’s golden year, opens its 2020 revenue soaring strong of 9.46 billion baht as a result of the success of the ufabet Chinese factory. It’s not just the performance on the stock board that attracts investors. Because Tesla’s 2020 performance last year (TSLA) was equally hot, with total revenues for the year 2020 at US $ 31,536 million, or about 946 billion baht, up from the year. Before more than 28.3%

The net profit was $ 721 million, or about 21.6 billion baht, able to turn around to be successful after the year 2019. Tesla lost more than US $ 862 million.

One of the key drivers for Tesla’s full-year 2020 performance is so remarkable. Elon Musk and his fellow investors are smiles. The company was able to sell (deliver) 442,511 Model 3 and Y electric vehicles out of the total production of 454,932 units.

Including their Gigafactory in Shanghai, China, it is able to produce electric cars at full power, according to Tesla. Will result in the production of approximately 450,000 electric vehicles a year ever

Two of Tesla’s new plants are in Berlin, Germany. And in the Austin, Texas area that is currently under construction. They are expected to be completed and ready to start producing their electric vehicles by the end of 2021.

As for Tesla shares, the market closed on Wednesday. Local time US $ 864.16, down slightly from the previous day at -2.14%.