10 symptoms indicating “addicted to smartphone” until health is broken!

10 symptoms indicating “addicted to smartphone” until health is broken! When “smartphone” has become the fifth factor that is indispensable because it allows us to have everything: watch movies, listen to music, take pictures, surf the social world It causes many people to develop a mobile addiction that sometimes unknowingly affects their health, and here are 10 symptoms that indicate your health is being compromised by excessive smartphone use.

addicted to smartphone

1. Insomnia

Bright light from mobile screens or tablets affects the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which helps regulate sleep. This is because the release of these hormones depends on the light. Playing a mobile phone before bed can affect your sleep as well.

2. Stress addicted to smartphone

Using your smartphone all the time Means that we have to be ready to answer the phone Reply to various messages That alerts come from various channels, including LINE, email and social media all the time as well Thus causing stress without knowing.

3. Macular degeneration

Smartphone screen blue light can damage the retina , leading to macular degeneration. The formula for eye care is 20-20-20 by looking at the screen for only 20 minutes, then resting your eyes to look elsewhere for 20 seconds and looking at something 20 feet away from you to relieve fatigue from using your eyesight.

4. Neck pain

Most of the time, when looking down at the phone screen to type messages People tend to bend their neck around 60 degrees, which is an inappropriate posture. Because it will cause neck pain if bent for a long time

5. Aggressive behavior

People who are addicted to using a mobile phone and don’t use it when they need it. Often they get irritable and aggressive because they do not want it. Which is common in children who are addicted to playing games on ufabet smartphones.

6. Distracting

Using a smartphone to connect to social media Resulting in distraction Because instead of focusing on getting something done Had to be dazzled by the various notification sounds that entered until the lack of concentration

7. Arm-hand numbness 

Cellphone Elbow symptoms include pain, numbness or numbness in the forearm and hand. By holding the smartphone with a stance that bent the arm at an angle narrower than 90 degrees for too long Which, if not resolved, can cause muscle weakness Or a stiff bend on the ring finger and little finger

8. Finger lock from

It’s too long to use one finger to type text or play games on your phone. Resulting in a finger lock This is caused by inflammation of the tendon and the tendon sheath used to bend the wrist around the root of the finger. Causing pain and swelling It is most often with the thumb that is more active than other fingers.

9.Depression and anxiety

People who are addicted to cell phones tend to suffer from depression or anxiety. Due to waiting or expecting a phone call Or replies to various messages And if you forget your mobile phone on a certain day, you will feel even more worried.

10. Headache

Using a smartphone for a long time Will send it to receive radiation from the phone waves that are radiated as well. The radiation also affects the nervous system, causing side effects. That is, headaches, migraines, or some people may have symptoms that are more severe.