Rooney advises “Rash” to ask himself before saying goodbye to the ghost.

Wayne Rooney, a Sky Sports analyst thinks that this Manchester United team, aside from Bruno Fernandes has other elements. That are difficult to compete with the three teams at the top of the table. They must be scrapped if they don’t want to lose the league championship again. 15 years, ready to join former Met team Marcus Rashford. If you’re all out of heart, dare to say goodbye.

United just defeated Newcastle 3-2 yesterday to end the season in front of the fans at Old Trafford ready to give Anthony Martial and Rafae a chance. Varane, whose contract is about to expire has bid farewell to ‘Red Army’.UFABET 

The sweet scene is over. Next up is the all-time top scorer. ‘The Red Devils’, who openly criticized his old team. Saying that apart from Bruno and the young stars, the rest must be wiped out. Even the homegrown player Rashford should not be left behind.

said the owner of 253 goals in 559 matches for United. 

“You have to build a team around Bruno, he has quality and a fighter in him. As for the other guys, I think they all have to be taken out.”

“Just keep the young man and Bruno.” 

“Look at it as a big cleanup that needs to be done. And it won’t be completely cleared in one year, it will probably take the next 2-3 years.” 

“In Andre Onana’s case, when he first came in, he might have looked a bit nervous, but he gradually improved throughout the year.”

“Personally, I think Diogo Dalot has done well, Harry Maguire has had an up and down season overall.” 

“To compete in this league. You need better players – don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player. But to compete with the likes of Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal, they need better players.”


“Speaking of the Blues, the new owners took over the business. It took the team 15 years to win the first Champions League. It is the potential that you can look at to the possibility. That United will come back and win the league again. You just didn’t expect it to take that long.” 

“The Marcus Rashford case, we all know the quality of that guy to play at a high level. But he didn’t show it.”  

“I’m starting to get a little bit annoyed that maybe it’s time for Rashford to move on and play somewhere else. He should ask himself,” 

“Deep down I wanted that guy to stay and break the record for most goals of all time. He just has to work harder and stay focused on the field.” 

Rashford was the team’s top scorer with 30 goals last season. But has only score eight goals this season and during the warm-up on the sidelines yesterday. He had another argument with United fans.