Why do so many people like to use Dark Mode?

Why do so many people like to use Dark Mode? In the past We may see some streams about Dark Mode through the eyes. For example, a call to Apple apps Instagram Updates feature dark mode for smart phones Android system with the smart phones IOS system that Instagram has updated version added new features dark mode. Already arrived.

dark mode is a mode for adjusting the screen background to black. This is a new feature of websites and apps, apps were gradually added into dark mode used on the web and apps of oneself continuously.

people like to use Dark Mode

After Android smart users got the dark mode version of Instagram that they wanted, dark mode disappeared until it became famous again, recently, when Joe Biden took office. Official President of the United States He added a dark mode feature to the White House website. whitehouse.gov This is one of the first works that Joe Biden did as president.

Of course, the fact that websites and applications try to add a dark mode feature is because it benefits users. Chris Hoffman, executive editor of How-To Geek site, compiled.

There are 3 advantages of having a dark mode feature on websites and applications:

  • It works great in low light environments.
  • Better for some calls
  • Help save battery power on the OLED display screen.

Not only websites and applications that have dark mode are available because Microsoft Office software programs such as Microsoft Word have dark mode or black screens. Use the same This will help reduce eye strain, burning eyes when you have to use the computer for a long time.

In low light conditions Like at night White text on black is easier to read than black text on white. This is because the black screen will reduce the bright light that is very bright in low light. The light hits the operator’s eyes less and less on others around them.

Not only that, using dark mode is helpful for people with photophobia or people who are sensitive to bright light. Because of that bright light Causing people with photophobia to cause the eyes to fear the light. Its rarely can fight very bright light, which occurs when facing a lot of light, the eyes will not be able to stand. Eye irritation, sore, stinging or watery eyes, having to close your eyes, close your eyes, or squint and may trigger a migraine headache In patients with migraine as well

For those using OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) screens to change the background to black. Can also save the battery. Google used to inform you about using dark mode on YouTube that it can help extend the lifespan of your battery by 15-60 percent.

However, there are only a few brands of smartphones. 

Few of them are designed with OLED displays, mostly flagship models. Or is a smartphone at a price of tens of thousands or more Because of the high production costs and nowadays, smart phones with strong specifications, famous brands, can be used durable. But inexpensive Prices are less than ten thousand, there are many. For the general public, use a smartphone at this price.

Most of the mobile phones we use It is an LCD screen, a screen with a Backlight panel as a light source. Make the screen light up with the Backlight is the same size as the screen. Emits light across the entire screen no matter what image or color is displayed. Even when the screen is black, the whole backlight screen is emitting light. As long as the screen is not closed yet.

Still, what has the advantages? There are drawbacks. Adam Engst, a tech writer for the web site TidBITS, said dark mode might not always be a good choice. He cited one study. That said, reading white text on a black background for a long time will cause eye strain. Because the color around the text is dark. Causing us to use our eyes to focus and focus on the text more.

No matter whoever said If you prefer to use dark mode because it feels more comfortable on your eyes. Then go ahead and use it as dark mode is just an option for those who don’t like bright lights. When you spend a lot of time in the screen. It’s not necessary that everyone has to turn on dark mode.

Some people change the screen of everything in life to dark mode, making dark mode a circle that cannot enter and leave. We will never be able to revert to a bright white background. Not only unfamiliar But still feel that it hurts the eyes too much.