“L’Oréal” unveils “Perso” AI devices for consumers

Get to know L’Oréal Perso in the digital age, there is no business that cannot be disrupted. including the beauty industry that has been born with “Beauty Tech” . Business that adapts and creates a new business model.

Like the “L’Oréal Group” (L’Oréal) today, don’t limit yourself to being a producer. And sells beauty products under various brands. lets take it to the next level by being a Beauty Innovator. That combines both beauty product innovation. With beauty technology together.

How do you get to know Perso?

3 in 1 technology equipment “Perso” has a 4-step process.

1. Analyze personal skin condition
The user opens the Perso app on their smartphone and takes a picture with a mobile camera. The app features an AI technology called “ModiFace” that analyzes the user’s skin condition. Such as wrinkles, deep wrinkles, dark spots, pores.

2. Environmental assessment
Taking geographic location data through analysis by “Breezometer”. Its a platform for analyzing the environment, temperature, pollution, UV and humidity values. 

3. Set up the product Appropriate for each
stage subsequent user input condition of their skin to the app, including the ability to identify Perso texture. And the desired moisture level of facial cream, serum, and under eye cream.

4. Mix the product formula just for you.
When inputting data. The Perso device will calculate and formulate individual skin care cream, lipstick, foundation. It comes out on top of the Perso device for easy and clean application. The cream, lipstick, foundation come out of this device. Can produce for one time use. Or produced in larger quantities To use for traveling

L’Oréal plans to launch Perso to the market with partners and L’Oréal brand in 2021.

“Perso” makes “L’Oréal” get user data.

When analyzing the Perso technology that meets the needs of the era Personalization On the other hand. As a result what L’Oréal is expected to return is Big Data. That consumers enter In the long run, “L’Oréal” can analyze the data To understand today’s consumers.

Along with forecasting trends that will occur in the future. For developing products – services that meet consumer needs. By the way it can count as the Perso device to create Win-Win for both the consumer. To get skin cream – lipstick – foundation that you want. At the same time as a puzzle for the L’Oréal side has a database of consumer behavior. To be used to extend the business in the future.