4 dangerous signs that indicate that you are a person who overspend

Are you the person who overspend ? If you are hesitant and wondering if you are in the category of being. Are you spending too much money? Come and observe yourself. And find a way to fix it.

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Salary is not enough

No matter what month Whether there are 4 weeks or 5 weeks in a month, you feel that your salary is not enough for a month. At the end of the month, I have to rush to save and save every now and then. If it is like this every month You probably have to start considering your spending. That in fact our salary is too small It doesn’t correlate with the cost of living, or are you actually spending more than you need?

You can fix it by recording income and expenses. To keep tabs on our spending And find out the luxury expenses hidden in your expenses throughout the month. In order to be able to reduce unnecessary expenses. And will always know our own financial status.

At present, there is an Application that can track, calculate, process and analyze our income and expenses in detail. You can choose from a variety of applications.

overspend no savings

You may be able to manage Make sure your salary is adequate for each month’s expenses. But found that you did not have any savings for saving

This is beginning to be a dangerous sign that You’re the one who can’t save money. And on any days you need to spend big money You won’t have any reserve funds for that emergency. Hurry to fix this problem early Manage income and expenses in a balance And don’t forget to save some money for the future

Saving money and having discipline is the division of income to save. So you can calculate your savings clearly. Should not be used. Until how much is left, then collect Because this way of saving money It will make you not know the amount of savings each month. It is the incubation of bad saving discipline. And may not leave you with any savings

Full credit card limit


Using a credit card It’s not always that bad or dangerous. Knowing how to use it wisely and sane, you can make the most of your credit card. And can receive many benefits

But if you find Your credit card limit is always full. Regularly full And you don’t have enough money to pay off all of that debt. Have to pay interest over and over again Without causing additional income This is starting to be a sign of financial danger.

Need to borrow other money that means you are overspend

If your finances begin to go into crisis and need to stand someone else’s money. And unable to pay the debt on schedule Borrow money to pay off debt In a circle like this, there is no end to it It’s time for you to revolutionize your finances.

Full of belongings but only a few can actually be used Still feel that there are not enough things to use.

You have a full house. A closet full of clothes A dressing table with lined cosmetics And things are messed up in the house, but there are things that you can really use. Only a few And still feel that there are not enough essential items for use Until having to continue to buy more It is probably time for you to make a better plan for your home shopping.