2021 is the time to improve and create a balance for yourself

Hello 2021 It is the time to improve and create a balance for yourself.  Time has passed us very quickly. How has your working life been last year? Is there any opportunity and room for growth? But if you ‘re not’ or are still hesitant with the answer, let’s find out how to improve productivity. Of you to make a leap more than ever before!

1. Write everything out.

In the morning or while eating breakfast, try writing. Or record everything until it becomes a habit It will help you organize and keep track of your thoughts. Which acts like this can be used by everyone It will give you visualization. Experience a sense of accomplishment And happy with the letters on the sticky notes.

And don’t forget to start a productive day at work. By organizing your daily work. You don’t have to be too coercive. In order to take notes or write out. Just do something that is easy to understand and brief, but it will be enough. Scheduling Will make you overcome the habit of procrastinating in you Where the pressure of timing. Will make you work more successfully.

2.Recharge and get enough rest

Did you know that fasting breakfast Will make you feel anxious There is a reason that Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Because you’ll be faced with a fight in the conference room. Including facing various problems Much more to come and to complete this long duty. It can take up a lot of time and energy in your body.

Therefore, eat and fill them with nutrients if you are energetic and make sure you eat wholesome food. To keep your mind and body working at their best.

3.Exercise as much as possible

Sometimes quality exercise It doesn’t always mean going to the gym or fitness. You can exercise even in your own office, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walked out to buy lunch instead of calling to order. And you can also walk to greet your friends. Can join other tables Because of walking, stretching the legs and moving some Did you know that these little things can work wonders?

4. Stop multitasking.

When we do many tasks Our brains direct to complete tasks at the same time, rather than accomplishing one task at a time with quality. Regardless, people think this is a great way to work. But psychologists don’t recommend it. As in most cases, trying to multitask can be time and efficiency.

So stop doing many things. And set your goals to complete the task step by step. That way, you can get more effective results.

5. 2021 it is time to improve and build a good relationship with your boss.

Talk to boss Or the boss more Try to understand your boss. Because the closer you get to the boss The higher the chance of understanding them. When you know the style And their expectations In the next project, you will probably spend less time editing and happily doing it.

6. Love yourself

You can push yourself harder. To achieve your goals by “loving yourself”, blaming yourself every time. Little mistake It can damage your self esteem and self-worth. And you won’t be able to produce good results if you have low self-esteem. So instead of obsessing over failure Consider it an opportunity for improvement. And support yourself better.