12 Tips to work from home for Effective Work From Home

Work From Home  sometimes it can be stressful and fun, and the advantage is that we can wear clothes that are casual and casual on our own. We’ll start to feel lonely for not talking to anyone all week.

1. Make a corner of the work area clean.

A 2011 study found that messy screens and environments As a result, the brain uses more energy to process. If your desk and desktop Still full of messy things that look unclean May cause brain degeneration And has reduced efficiency

2. Do not tie yourself, but to the desk.

While working in a different location other than your desk can make you sluggish, it is definitely better than stuck at your desk all day. Should pay attention to their duties and what to do Helping the team solve problems During the time that it is still the time to attend the eventhttps://bce45a4b63a59ce227295f1f6140edc3.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

3. Do a simple morning routine

Usually you have to get up early. To make up And take a trip to work But while working at home You may not need to do anything like that. Because you just switch to getting up, washing your face, brushing your teeth, drinking coffee, or making breakfast. Get ready to attend That’s it, it’s a good start to your day.

4. However, do not forget to take a shower.

Especially choosing a warm bath, because studies have shown that A warm bath is more beneficial for your physical and mental health. Taking a bath at normal temperature as well

5. Set the working time

Working at home doesn’t mean you have to work all the time, so start work at the same time each morning. And quit work at the same time every evening To keep you on the plan And do not disturb private time

6. Choose a location that is suitable for work.

Separate workplaces within the home because it will help you stay focused. And not disturbed by the temptation, it also makes you feel like there is a “home” area where you can relax.

7.Natural light can help

Sitting next to a window to get natural sunlight can help reduce depression and make you look good on video calls, but what if your area doesn’t have natural light? It is best to add a lamp to make it feel bright, as a brighter light will give you a good mood. And reduce eye strain from staring at the screen for a long time.

8. Take a break.

Just 15-20 minutes should be done, as surveys have found that taking breaks can be more effective, so get off the table and walk around. To stretch Or do whatever you want to do When you return to where it was, you will feel relaxed and ready to focus on the task beforehand.

9. Order things to do

A soothing environment makes it easy to forget the little things or whatever needs to be done, so make your list of the top three essentials and get it done within the week. In order to have peace of mind And don’t forget to double check.

10. If in doubt, call immediately

If you are curious about the job Or email received ‘Phone calls’ are the solution to confusion And helps to communicate in the most comprehensible way

11. Have lunch

Spend some time with lunch, take a break from work and escape from the screen. Eat and fuel yourself with wholesome food. And full of value

12. Work from home but do not stay in bed

Even if your bed is comfortable, you still have to try to get up at the same time every morning and not reply to emails. Or living in bed like that Because it will make you feel less energetic.