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Educate about spotting fake news.

The best and most sustainable way is also to educate you that we can spotting fake news. How can you do it by yourself? which there are many ways to observe. Knowing these landmarks. You will be able to initially filter which news is definitely news. Which news is assumed to be

How to use salary it until next month.

   For working people. The main problems that often arise. The salary is not up front and back. Salary is out, it’s all used up both credit card payments Pay for accommodation, car installments, water bills, electricity bills and miscellaneous expenses. Until you don’t have to ask if

Squid Game Crypto Coin Rises 2,400% in 24 Hours

Squid Game Crypto Coin Rises 2,400% in 24 Hours. The cryptocurrency ‘SQUID’, a coin inspired by the hit Netflix series ‘Squid Game’,. That recently jumped 2,400% in 24 rounds. hours, with a current market value of about $174 million (5 billion baht). Squid Game , produced under the

Etherium hits high record

Etherium hits high record

Etherium hits high record  After the news of the European Investment Bank aimed out ‘Digital bonds’. Continuing to generate heat and volatility for investors. Digital assets have continued to be excited and watched for the cryptocurrency industry. It was recently reported that Etherium (ETH) became the second

Microsoft sweeps first quarter

Microsoft sweeps first quarter 2021 revenue

Microsoft sweeps first quarter 2021 revenue, the highest in 3 years 1.3 trillion baht. ‘Cloud business’ is still a major pioneer. Microsoft (MSFT), the world’s largest technology company from the United States. The company released its results for the first quarter of 2021 (or corresponds to

Working from home'

Working from home’ saves Google $ 10 billion a year

Working from home’ saves Google $ 10 billion a year. By removing restrictions from COVID-19 In many areas, more and more people are returning to book their travel and hotels online. This is good for Google’s advertising business. However, Google employees still work from home and do

Sony Play station 5

Sony Play station 5 in one quarter, hitting 4.5 million sales

Sony Play station 5 in one quarter, hitting 4.5 million sales, pushing game business revenue to a record 2.52 billion baht. Until the launch of the product, ready for sale in November. That means they only have a two-month period before the end of their budget


5 main industry That are about to be taken over by robot 2021.

Robot 2021 as the functionality and existence of ‘robots’ are no longer just stories in sci-fi novels. The big impact of their visit. Therefore falls on human beings like us who have to adjust greatly. Because they are likely to be developed to be able to perform their


Increase work efficiency by adjusting “Workflow”

Nowaday workflow is repesent how work efficiency. If we want to increase the efficiency of work or increase output to the business, workflow improvement or processes is a top priority. That we have to take into account. Because workflow improvements can help people work. Can work more efficiently

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Operation COVID-19 vaccine warp speed ​​estimates 100 million U.S. citizens

In this december The US government’s Operation COVID-19 vaccine warp speed ​​program. That supports the invention and testing of the COVID-19 vaccine. In many COVID-19 vaccine projects around the world, expected Americans will get vaccine against COVID-19. By February 2021.    If both Pfizer and Moderna are banned by