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Tips to change addictive behaviors

Tips to change addictive behaviors

Tips to change addictive behaviors.It can not deny that the curiosity of other people and wanting to show off your own life. It is a part that is hidden in the subconscious of every human being. Even today in life It is easier for us to follow other

smart contact lens

Apple is developing a “smart contact lens”

Apple is developing a “smart contact lens” Ming-Chi Kuo , an analyst products, Apple said earlier it predicted that Apple may launch the device VR / AR a head (which did not come out), the last Ming-Chi Kuo also provide further details, saying the company ‘s. Apple aiming to launch “Contact lenses”

Air taxi service

Air taxi service the highclass innovation.

I’ve seen taxis on the road often. It’s time for Air taxi service to shine. This is the history that Hyundai partnered with Uber to develop an Air Taxi, a runway-less aircraft.  But use a driven rotor instead Plus there is also silence. Does not make noise to disturb


“L’Oréal” unveils “Perso” AI devices for consumers

Get to know L’Oréal Perso in the digital age, there is no business that cannot be disrupted. including the beauty industry that has been born with “Beauty Tech” . Business that adapts and creates a new business model. Like the “L’Oréal Group” (L’Oréal) today, don’t limit yourself to being a