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The must hv skills

The must hv skills for the job market that will grow in 2021

          The must hv skills ! Now aday We will notice that technology is playing a more active role in our lives everyday. we use AI more and more in our lifestyles. Whether it translate Finger scan or face scan Voice command Command your home appliances to work. Some people


5 main industry That are about to be taken over by robot 2021.

Robot 2021 as the functionality and existence of ‘robots’ are no longer just stories in sci-fi novels. The big impact of their visit. Therefore falls on human beings like us who have to adjust greatly. Because they are likely to be developed to be able to perform their

2021 technology

7 technology trends for 2021 that anyone can learn

1. AI and Machine Learning           AI  or Artificial Intelligence is technology trends for 2021. That is like the brain that insert in technology and innovations so that they can work. It is analyze data automatically without control and Machine Learning is the brain of AI. It is

Work from home

12 Tips to work from home for Effective Work From Home

Work From Home  sometimes it can be stressful and fun, and the advantage is that we can wear clothes that are casual and casual on our own. We’ll start to feel lonely for not talking to anyone all week. 1. Make a corner of the work


Increase work efficiency by adjusting “Workflow”

Nowaday workflow is repesent how work efficiency. If we want to increase the efficiency of work or increase output to the business, workflow improvement or processes is a top priority. That we have to take into account. Because workflow improvements can help people work. Can work more efficiently


Toilet Technology without sewers for help the world.

Toilet Technology without sewers is the Challenge. Interesting numbers come out that around one third of the world’s population, or about 2.3 billion people, do not have good rooms due to resource constraints, and as a result, many people eat food contaminated with waste. From

Carbon dioxide catcher

Carbon dioxide catcher

Around the world there is a reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. But we can still do this very slowly. The UN says that another 100 billion tonnes of it will release into the atmosphere this century. And it is one of the


The meat-free burger made by undergo cell culture

Meats that undergo cell culture or The meat-free burger. The United Nations estimates that by 2050. There will be an estimated 9.8 billion global population and people will consume more meat. Maybe due to better living and greater economic growth. It will make people consume 70% more